Mgr. Lenka Janečková

Lenka graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. Her Master’s degree major is in law and legal science. She concluded her studies in 2007. She is a member of the Czech Bar Association since 2015 and she works as an independent attorney, in long term cooperating with STRNAD JOCH LOKAJÍČEK advokáti s.r.o.

In the course of her studies, Lenka worked in several law firms, such as Kocián, Šolc, Balaštík, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o. or Pokorny, Wagner & partners, s.r.o. Subsequently in 2006, Lenka became engaged in the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic (Ústavní soud České republiky), where she worked as assistant to the chairman of the Constitutional Court of the CR.

Based on a selection procedure, Lenka became a assistant to a Prague 4 District Court judge, where she worked from 2007 till 2015. During her practice, she gradually went through all court departments, ie criminal, distraint custodianship. Her longest engagement was with the civil department, where she worked for seven years with several judges, and in the last three years she was assistant to the chairman and the vice-chairman of the court. In 2013 she passed a judicial exam, verifying that she fulfilles the expertise and knowledge, prerequisites required for being able to perform the duty of judge.

Aside from the work in justice, she have lecturing focusing on the education in the field of law, particutaly in specialized credited courses.

In her attorney practice, Lenka focuses on civil law, family law, employment law, criminal law and dispute procediing including pre-court proceedings.

Lenka speaks fluent English.