The law firm had carried out a very detailed analysis of the current employment documentation and worked out an overview of shortcomings, which were recommended to be addressed. Following the creation of this overview, SJL proposed changes and additions in individual current documents, or they drafted new documents. What we appreciate most about the law firm SJL, including the project leader Mgr. Lokajíček, is the thorough preparation for solving the problem, the methodology, the logical sequence and the clear explanation of the solution proposal. We equally value the forthcomingness with regards to the immediate consulting of ambiguities or questions coming up on part of our company. A testimony to the professionalism of SJL is also the fact that the customer audit of the employment documentation found that it was fully in line with the customer’s requirements

Roman Weck

Berlin and Madrid projects, SUPERFLY HOLDING a.s.

It took us and our advisors over a year to handle the restructuring of our subsidiaries. It was namely the complex and detailed solution of STRNAD JOCH LOKAJÍČEK that gave us the desired direction and results. Within the restructuring in question, the SJL representative, Mgr. Ing. Marek Joch, and his entire team acted as leading advisor and legal service provider, their expert and experienced approach to the project at hand made it possible to successfully achieve the goal that we have requested.
Moreover, the entire process was made more difficult by the dispute between NSZ and ERÚ. Several law firms worked together on the NSZ x ERÚ dispute, each specializing in a specific part, where the representatives of SJL acted as specialists in the field of Energy, ERÚ and licensing questions. SJL was able to instantly react to individual challenges of the entire process and they provided us with highly expert consulting during its course. They clearly showed that not only do they understand this field very well, managing the complicated task, which in turn was given by the complexness of the entire case, to our full satisfaction, but also the solution, which they proposed, showed a considerable degree of elegance in the jungle of the dispute of the given state institutions.

Ing. Jana Schmidová

Evaluation and updating of employment documentation, ELEKTROTRANS a.s.

JUDr. Július Gaži

Structuring and preparation of employment and business documentation for the HRQ Group, HRQ CZ s.r.o. , job solutions s.r.o.